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Christian was a great driving instructor who has taught me how to be a confident driver. He was very patient with me going through manoeuvres and tackling roundabouts which terrified me to start with! He was very encouraging and helpful with any questions or issues I had while learning how to drive. I would definitely recommend him to anyone learning to drive :)

Katie, Chalfont St Peter


Christian came highly recommended to me from a family whose children had all passed their driving test with him as their instructor. I had tried, and failed, with two different instructors in the past and had almost given up. Christian however, had a real eye for detail and honed in on every aspect of my driving, building up my confidence behind the wheel and somehow, passing your test just seemed so much easier than before. I would have no hesitation recommending Christian to anyone.

James, Chalfont St Peter

Christian is a clear and patient instructor. He always made me feel like I was capable of driving, without neglecting the focus I needed on certain aspects. He has a friendly approach and is good at taking the stress out of learning. The skills I learnt with Christian were not only essential in passing my test, but also contributed to the confidence and knowledge I now have on the road. Two thumbs up

Steven, Gerrards Cross

After failing four times with other instructors, Christian was fantastic at getting me passed. He calmly took me through all the manouvers and the
independent driving section and gave me the confidence to pass, despite having failed so many times previously. Even if I had failed, which
I did not, Christian is definitely the best driving instructor that I have had. Jon, Amersham

I enjoyed every lesson I had with Christian, as each one had a purpose and was made exciting with his great teaching techniques. I would defiantly recommend him to anyone! It was a pleasure to learn with him.
Will, Chalfont St Peter

Christian was a great instructor who improved my confidence a great amount. He was patient and gave plenty of feedback on how I could improve my driving, and also helped me with the things I struggled with. I would recommend using Christian to learn to drive. Jordan, Chalfont St Peter

I really enjoyed learning to drive with Christian as he explains all the maneuvers in detail and guides you through them, giving you more confidence while doing them. He is very patient and encouraging making the whole driving experience more relaxing and a lot less daunting. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Jenn, Amersham

I really enjoyed my lessons with Christian. His method of analysing all the varying aspects of driving and talking through the process of dealing with scenarios to make the right decision at the right times gave me the confidence to pass my test and enjoy driving. I would recommend him to anyone aiming to pass their test.

Pat, GX

Christian was a great driving instructor, and I really enjoyed my driving lessons with him. He is extremely calm and patient, and took the time to explain when I didn't understand something. I feel that I have learnt how to drive well, rather than simply learning how to pass a test! I would recommend Christian to anyone who is thinking of learning to drive.

Abi, Chalfont St Peter.

Christian was a brilliant driving instructor. He was always very patient and made me feel safe in the car. The lessons were always really fun as we went to different places and he was always very encouraging. I felt confident when it came up to my test as I knew that we had practiced the manouvers thoroughly and i felt that i had had plenty of experience on the road. I would recommend him to any learner :)

Sophie, GX

I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Christian. He is calm, patient and very reassuring, which helps make driving for the first time a lot less intimidating! He explained all the manouvers thoroughly and helped me practice things that I found difficult so I felt confident and reassured about my driving test. He is always very encouraging and makes driving lessons fun, I would highly recommend learning to drive with him.

Sophie, Chalfont St Peter

Christian was really patient when I asked questions and so I felt confident when it came round to my test. I looked forward to every lesson with him and even at 9am he managed to make the lessons really fun! I recommended him to two of my friends when they started driving and I am really missing the lessons now I have passed!

Helen, Chalfont St Peter

Suzy, Amersham

Christian was very thorough in his teaching and explained the manouvers in great detail. This greatly helped boost my confidence in not only performing these man oeuvres, but also driving in general. He's calm, patient and understanding which makes you feel quite relaxed as the environment helps you to learn efficiently. He is very committed to the lessons making them enjoyable, with the ultimate goal of getting you your license. I would highly recommend him.

Hashim, Gerrards Cross.


Sam, Gerrards Cross

Gabbi, Gerrards Cross

George, Seergreen

Andy, Gerrards Cross

Abby, Seergreen

Aaron, Chesham

James, Little Chalfont Jack, Seergreen

Jo, Denham
Pat, Chalfont St Peter Oliver, Chesham Autumn - You mastered Watford, Rickmansworth

Gary - Excellent, no driver faults, Chalfont St Peter Tom, Seer-Green/Jordons Deborah - Well done. First to do the independent drive-Amersham

Olivia, GX Katie, Chalfont St Giles Sophie, Chalfont St Peter